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Receipt Entry time as low as 3 -4 seconds



Implementation time as low as 15 days depending on the property type and data.

Why choose Flexi Payroll?

One of the most important factors behind successful organizations is how it manages its workforce i.e. the Human Resources or Human Capital. The key aspects of Human Resources Management include Human Resources Planning, Recruitment Process, Demographic data management, Training and development, Capabilities and Skills management, Benefits management, Time and Absence/Leave management, Performance and Appraisal management, Disciplinary cases management and Salaries payment processing.

Flexi Payroll is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System ideal for managing organization’s most valuable assets the “Human Capital.”

The system helps organizations manage the entire employee lifecycle all the way from planning, recruiting to paying their benefits and compensations. The system uses a modular approach and thus can be used by smaller organizations as well as larger enterprises.

This feature allows transactions to be imported and exported into the system from other applications.

The system supports international standards clocking equipment data interface and thus enable you to monitor employee time and pay them accordingly if you want.

Flexi payroll is the choice of many HR and Payroll Managers Worldwide due to its unique benefits and features which includes:

Supports unlimited number of Company, Co-operatives, Mortgages, Banks, and Credit Society loans whose decreasing balances and Interest are computed and managed to completion.

    • The interest charged on a loan is user configurable and may be based on reducing balance or compound interest.
    • Supports unlimited number of savings and contributory schemes, where incremental balances are maintained and interests accrued.
    • System supports the starting and stopping of loans/savings processing at will. The user may put any loan/savings on hold

System supports multiple third-party organizations that provide for staff welfare. This includes Savings schemes, Pension schemes and staff Welfare Organizations, Banking Institutions, Co-operative societies, Donor Organizations, Credit Societies, Mortgage Banks and Insurance Companies.

    • Different Vendor based formula calculations can be configured as per Vendor unique needs. Example two different Cooperative Vendors can charge different interest rates for the same type of loan. This facility is also used to generate reports for the vendors.

The system supports multi-currency pay computation, with conversion between currencies occurring automatically as per user definition: – Basic salary conversion from Sterling Pounds to US $ or other. Keep track of exchange rates by dates.

Flexi payroll supports multi –Employee Salary Account, where employee may distribute salaries to more than one account, this give employee option to distributed salaries direct to different Bank Accounts.

The system will generate reports for all company requirements, categorized as:

    • Management reports, Accounting Reports, Banking Reports, Statutory Reports, Audit Reports and Employee Reports. All reports can be produced by Cost Center, by Employee, by Company and/or by other predefined criteria.
    • Pay slips to email.
  • Create housekeeping tasks and schedule
  • Housekeeping view mode for efficient management

Our Working Process



We shall set up a meeting with the prospective client to understand their needs and problems. Then, our team of professionals will conduct a site survey. Finally, we would recommend appropriate solutions.



Following from the consultation phase, we will draft and send a detailed proposal which will contain information about the proposed solution(s) our team would be offering. This is also the phase where we will discuss and finalize the commercials of the proposal.



Once payment has been confirmed and all data collected, our team will be mobilized for deployment. The duration for deployment is usually between 1 – 30 days, although this is dependent on the frequency at which data is received from the client.


Training and support

After the deployment of the software, owners, managers and users are trained based on their roles and functions. The training team usually ensures that the trainees understand the solution and also allow for quality interaction during and after the training sessions. We also provide training manuals for personal use or further guidance. Upon complete deployment and training of our solutions, we offer one-year free support to our clients. However, support from the second-year will be payable.

“Managing employee's payroll could be much easier when you implement a solution that is suitable for your organization. Flexi payroll is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Request for a Demo now.”