Flexi payroll is the choice of many HR and Payroll Managers Worldwide

To manage all important aspects of HR, you need to equip your organization with a strong HR management tool

Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System

One of the most important factors behind successful organizations is how it manages its workforce i.e. the Human Resources or Human Capital. The key aspects of Human Resources Management include Human Resources Planning, Recruitment Process, Demographic data management, Training and development, Capabilities and Skills management, Benefits management, Time and Absence/Leave management, Performance and Appraisal management, Disciplinary cases management and Salaries payment processing.


To manage these important aspects of HR, you need to equip your organization with a strong HR management tool, failure to do so carry a big risk for possible huge losses due to unmotivated workforce. 

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Employee Bio Data Management


Leave and Time Management


Medical Bills and Claims Management


Payroll, Loans and Savings Management

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Flexi payroll is packed with the following components which are seamlessly integrated to each other

Payroll Reports

The system will generate reports for all company requirements

System Log

The system maintains comprehensive log data information indicating the user who entered/changed, time of login/logout, date of login/logout, etc.


Basic salary conversion from Sterling Pounds to US $ or other. Keep track of exchange rates by dates.

Loans and Savings Processing

The interest charged on a loan is user configurable and may be based on reducing balance or compound interest.

Employee Payroll Classes

The system supports unlimited number of staff classifications and categories

Employee Pay slip

All statutory reports can be generated in the standard Forms and format required by the authorities

"Don’t allow payment of employee salaries, calculating of taxes and wages or any payroll operation at all stress you out when you have a software that can fix all that efficiently, timely and with zero errors. Trust Flexi payroll to take care of your organization’s payroll operations today."